No Borders

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No Borders - Journey Music for Massage, Yoga and Meditation

Created by musician and master teacher of Thai massage, Chuck Duff and accomplished artist and musician, Doug Frohman, Prior World's 2011 release "No Borders" - Music for Massage, Yoga & Meditation takes listeners as well as practitioners on a musical journey into higher consciousness. 

Drawing upon cultures and instrumentation from around the world, Prior World's compositions and layered sonic textures evoke a "dreamtime" in which the temporal and spatial fields interconnect and even merge, lifting listeners into an expanded orientation of themselves as well as their surroundings.

Created as a seamless whole, one piece flows into the next developing the mood and rhythms of a heightened sense of life. Ideal for massage sessions, yoga classes and creating a meditative space, "No Borders" is the perfect musical companion for personal development, relaxation and bliss.

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