Chile & Argentina

South America

At the southern reaches of the Andes the land is pristine, with unending windswept plains, deep-water lakes and gigantic glaciers. Traversing the deep valleys and ancient forests of Chile and Argentina among the guanacos, pumas, and wild horses is an engulfing, humbling experience in the best of ways. Ride at the edge of the map alongside South American cowboys through glacial lakes and mountain ranges, experiencing the full splendor of Patagonia’s diverse landscapes.

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Food & Adventure in Patagonia

In the far reaches of southern Patagonia in Argentina’s Santa Cruz province, embark on a culinary odyssey to the soul of South American culture and experience a classic Argentine asado on an open-fire, slow-roasting spit. Spend a night at an estancia (cattle ranch) in the Patagonian Steppes before ice trekking on the Perito Moreno glacier within the Los Glaciares National Park, home to one of the most dynamic icefields in the world: it creeps forward up to six feet per day, causing building-sized icebergs to calve from its face. The hike up to Laguna de Los Tres in El Chaltén is strenuous—about six miles, or four hours, each way—but worth the effort. Emerge feeling restored physically and mentally. After, drive a few hours along Lake Viedma and explore the city of El Calafate, known for its handicraft boutiques, which sell pure sheep’s wool and locally knitted fabrics, on your way down to Torres del Paine, known for its towering granite horns and turquoise waters.

Marine life aficionados head east to the Peninsula Valdes near the small town of Puerto Madryn, between June to October, to witness the whales and orcas majestic migrating south; then venture back to Buenos Aires, the wild, sexy and sophisticated Argentine capital, for some late-night tango at one of the city’s countless milongas (dance studios).

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Atacama Desert, Chile & Mendoza, Argentina

Voyage through the Atacama Desert––the driest in the world––where a moonscape is dotted with salt flats, glacial lakes, pastoral valleys, geysers and hot springs. In one of the best places in the world for stargazing, learn from a renowned astronomer at a remote viewing observatory with outstanding views to the celestial phenomena and the surrounding parks, jagged peaks and misty forests. Take in the sunset over the Atacama Salt Flats as pink flamingos fly overhead; as soon as the morning sun hits, it becomes a stage for a spectacular courtship dance.

Journey south to Mendoza, situated within the Andean foothills in Argentina’s Cuyo region, known the world over for its production of Malbec. Here, meet with vineyard owners and local sommeliers while exploring both the traditional and cutting-edge wineries in the Uco Valley and Maipu, all with the awe-inspiring, snow-capped Andes in the background. A visit during the Vendemia (local harvest) in March allows visitors to experience the gaucho and folk-dancing traditions unique to the region.

Oh and also...

Horseback ride through the Chilean Wine Country, which sits amidst the backdrop of the Andes. Visit La Chascona, owned by Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, its architecture representing his strong connection with the sea.

Explore Easter Island, a remote territory 2,300 miles off the coast of Chile, home to nearly 1,000 moai stone figures created by the early Rapa Nui people, which remain scattered throughout a landscape of sandy hills, beaches, craters and volcanoes.

Sip the highly coveted wine varieties of the Casablanca and Colchagua Valleys, origin of a rich history of Chilean wine-making in the 16th century introduced by Spanish conquistadors, which in the 19th century was further developed as French varietals like Carménère were produced.