I've been playing rock and jazz music since 15. I’ve collaborated musically with my partner, Chuck Duff for a number of years which has resulted in the music of PRIOR WORLD. Over time we have produced two CD titles, TALES OF A PRIOR WORLD and NO BORDERS. Our music is a unique blending of modern electronic instruments - guitars, keyboard synthesizers, electric bass and voicings created in the studio with live, traditional world percussion, primarily from India and the Middle East.

In our compositions everything grows from the percussion. We develop melodic themes which drive the direction and shape the arc of the music, continually refining the song elements and their relationships until it’s “just right”. A musical turning point came for me in 1968 with Miles Davis' "In a Silent Way". Calling it "Directions in Music", Miles' all-star lineup produced a smoothly flowing, long-form jazz fugue incorporating 3 electric keyboards, steadily pulsing bass & drums with trumpet, sax and John McLaughlin's elegant guitar swooping in and out.

The music was so free, yet disciplined and rigorous at the same time. It was the first modal jazz I had heard as well as my first exposure to sound-based ambient music. Following up with "Bitches Brew", "Jack Johnson" and eventually "On the Corner", the musical power and originality created by Miles and his stellar musicians set a high water-mark of quality and originality that has continued to influence my playing, composing and recording to this day.

I am also a professional artist with a practice focused on contemporary painting. I’ve exhibited across the US and have work in the Library of Congress, Washington DC. The work of artists like Sean Scully, Richard Diebenkorn and Brice Marden has inspired me and influenced my working methods. Each work builds upon the last carrying forward ideas and insights that become akin to developing a “new language”. My aim is to create works that have an “authentic presence” which create a spirited, engaged dialogue with one another in exhibitions and a larger dialogue in aggregate with the world of contemporary art.

Since my late teens, I have practiced and studied meditation and spiritual psychology with some of the great spiritual teachers of our times. It was my great good fortune to connect with several genuine lineage holders who embodied these traditions and passed along these traditional teachings intact. Steeping myself over the years in the rigorous disciplines that these traditions presented genuinely led to a different consciousness - a transpersonal way of seeing, of listening, which no doubt infused both my music and my painting with its richness.

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